iPad Kiosk

The Formz ID unit is driven by an iPad loaded with our Formz ID application that turns the iPad into a defined experience for your customers. You supply the content and let your customers drive based upon their interests or time constraints.

Customer Driven Kiosk Model

The kiosk model is our tried-and-true aluminum frame covered with tension fabric giving you branding and impact. The ID allows you to display more products, expand your brand's story, provide detail and dynamically carry your complete message. The ID has a small footprint which makes it a great addition to any size booth - even a 10X10.

Free Roaming Presentation Tool

The ID runs over a private wireless network and doesn't require that the iPad be connected to anything other than an occassional power source. This freedom allows you to free-roam as you use the display. This is a perfect solution for presentations where you need the flexibility to jump around your content, pause and even skip to the content that is the most compelling for your audience.

Display Size:29w x 84h x 42.5d


How easy is the ID unit to set up?

The kiosk unit itself is just a handful of screws and click buttons. The entire unit can be set up in less than 15 minutes and once you've done it the first time it even goes much quicker. Click here to view the installation instructions for the kiosk.

How does the ID package and ship?

We fit everything (but the TV) inside one of our large shipping containers 28w x 51h x 14d. They are very durable and easy to ship.

Can I customize the interface for the app?

We can place your logo and customize the number of buttons.

Does your application let me run other apps on the TV like surfing the web in safari and showing PowerPoint or Keynote Presentations?

The app is very specific in it's capability. The software was designed to create an environment that could be navigated by a customer - without leaving the application. The software will play any movie you supply.

Can I update my own content once I purchase the app?

To ensure that you are getting the best product possible we imbed the video files inside of the application. That way we ensure that there are no problems - the last thing you need is to have problems with the software when you are at a show/event.

I have my own iPad and TV, can I use mine or do I need to purchase one from you?

Yes, you can use your own iPad. Once we have created the software we send you a link to download and install through iTunes. Nothing special about the TV other than we recommend an LED TV that weighs less than 25 lbs. We still recommend that you purchase the unit complete because it allows us to make sure there are no surprises.

What size and kind of TV is included?

We supply the kiosk with a 32' 720p 60hz LED TV. You can go larger but we suggest that the TV weigh less than 25 lbs. Since the content is streamed through an Apple TV unit you don't need anything better than a 720p TV.

What format should we supply the movies for the app?

We can convert just about any movie format. If you can export your videos to run on an Apple TV (an .m4v) we've found that this format works best.

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